We go the extra mile on every tire we service

Lubricate Wheels Studs & Lug Nuts

At Hamad Tire Pros we lubricate every customer’s wheel studs and lug nuts with anti-seize to prevent corrosion and rust.                                
This makes it easier to remove the wheel from the vehicle in an emergency situation.


Remove Corrosion

Both steel and aluminum wheels corrode. This corrosion process will cause the tire to lose air pressure resulting in a flat tire.
The corrosion can be removed by sandblasting the wheel flange.

Sand Blasting

Our state of the art sandblaster removes all corrosion from the wheel flange.


After the corrosion is removed from the wheel flange a special primer is added to prevent corrosion.

Add Graphite Protection

After the primer is dry, a graphite solution is added on top of the primer for further protection. 


The tire is mounted on the rim after the sandblasting process is completed.

Special Care for Motorcycles

We also have specialty equipment capable of changing motorcycle tires.

Low Tire Pressure Sensors

At Hamad Tire Pros we carry a full line of sensors for all makes of tires and have the computer systems and equipment to re-program the sensors.