10 Worst List

 In my 40+ years in the business, I’ve seen just about everything. The main reason we repair vehicles is due to owner neglect of maintenance. 
For example, we had a customer that never replaced his air filter. To replace it would have run around $20. By not doing this we had to replace the oxygen sensors that ran $250. Thankfully, it didn’t damage the catalytic convertor. Then he would have been looking a $1000 bill.
Here’s a list of little things that can cause major problems if neglected and how to prevent them from becoming headaches.

  1. Change your oil! Some cars require it more frequently than others, Check your owner’s manual and follow it religiously.
  2. Don’t put off regularly scheduled maintenance. Manufacturers know what’s best for your car so don’t put it off.
  3. Never ignore a “check engine” light warning and for gosh sakes don’t disconnect it. If caught early it can be an easy fix, if not you may be looking at a costly repair.
  4. Check your tire pressure frequently. Not only will it save wear on your tires, it will save you money at the pump.
  5. Don’t neglect checking your coolant, brake and transmission fluids. Low or contaminated fluid causes major issues.
  6. Never drive your vehicle when overheated. When that warning light comes you’ve got a problem. Don’t make it worse.
  7. Change your fuel and air filters. They are lot cheaper to replace than the resulting damage that they may cause.
  8. Whether you bring your vehicle to us for repair, or someone else make sure they are qualified. We get a lot of vehicles in that someone else “repaired.”
  9. Depending on the manufacturer and your situation generic parts might be fine for you, but OEM parts are always the best.
  10. If you own a new “High-tech” vehicle don’t try to service it yourself. We’ve seen a lot of well-intentioned DIYers cause themselves major problems. It’s a lot trickier than it looks.